us just in

so me and loverboi just got in from choir rehearsal
( . . . stop that snickerin u 2 . . . )

we're doin our fav-o-rite thang, runnin round upstairs nekkid as jaybirds (do jaybirds really git nekkid?) and eatin hot fudge sundys. empty nest shore do feel good, i'ont care what they tellya. ya raise the little crumbcatchers and soon's they hit bigpeopleschool, ya strip yer clothes off and run round like there ain't nobody but u, God, and the neighbors next door. they're so damn funny

we got this one--frankie's his name. he's been so fuckin hot to figger out us since the day we moved in. he's fuckin creepy. we gotta gun, never you worry. sumbitch hop that fence, he'll never remember hoppin back, you can take that there to the bank. and the fucked up thang--for him anyway--is that he's the one neighbor who can't see shit--he gotta wear bifocals and his covered carport obscures his view of my bedroom window. sometimes fate just hands you a nice little puh just when you least spect it.

so we just got in and we run round like banshees til my lover gits tired and i take sleepy drugs. that's usually bout ahourorso apart.

i try to be good. i'm in the choir. i'm even a deacon.
well, sometimes
but i think God likes me cuz i started sayin a stspreservus prayer for all the lil pygmy childern livin in the tundra
and cuz sometimes i eat all my veggies
lessen they the human kind. they don't taste good like greenbeens
but mostly cuz i don't kill nobody
lessen they cross me

and yknow i notice sumthin too
all them peepole who hurt me and fucked me over, they lives always turn into just pure bullshit. u ever notice that bout yer fucked-me-overs? well there maybe one who excaped, but i don't think so. fact, last time i talked to her, her life was worse than shit. it was like . . . doubledipshit--which is what she was for leavin me like she did. but aint' that afuckintrip--i sometimes gotta say a bigger stspreservus prayer before i talk to'em. sometimes i don't tho. shit's fuckin hilarius

but, mok . . . we ain't evil
is we

stspreservme and bless all the little pygmy children livin in the tundra


miss anony said...

if a banshee screams and there's no one round to hear, does she still scream like an angel when she cums?

don'tsayhatlessumeanit said...

shut UP!

Anonymous said...

u figger--or izzat fee-gay?--it out