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sometimes, i learn very valuable stuff on oprah

"Do you know why African-Americans have high blood pressure?" Dr. Oz asks Oprah.

"The reason why African-Americans have higher blood pressure, Dr. Oz, is because during the Middle Passage [when Africans were taken as slaves to America], the African-Americans who survived were those who could hold more salt into their body," Oprah says. "And those who didn't survive were the ones who couldn't hold more salt into their body."


Granny git yer snubnose

dos pesos a bonehead baldwin

So, I'm signing Baldwin's guestbook, sounding off on what an insufferable and continuously spinning-on-stupid prig it takes to leave his kid such a fucked up voicemail message cuz this is America and sounding off against celebrity pricks is still legal in this country. All of a sudden, one B K Morrison decides that it's his duty to correct my errant ways. Although my message wasn't to him, but to Bonehead Baldwin, B K -- short for Brain Kill? -- posted a message to those females who sounded off against "AB" -- Asshole, Big -- that said that we should all go "back to [our] Vagina Monlogues". It even named me personally! So, being the civic-minded person I am, I advised old B K to do us all a favor and exit the gene pool since he and Bonehead are the poster children for who should NOT raise children.

Brain Kill then sent me the following email, quoted here in its entirety:

You backbiting little coward..

Get out of the gene pool? I take care of and have raised my two daughters and take good care of my mother, grandmother and my common law spouse. All of them are WOMEN who love me dearly and understand the ups and downs of parenting after a messy, shitty divorce. I understand them all too well, and I have done well by my kids in SPITE of their mother's efforts to ruin my life and my relationships. How about YOU get out of the gene pool, being so callous, thoughtless and ignorant with your little attacks...and I call you a coward because unlike you, I am not afraid to post my real name. Now get back to your Oprah reruns and stop mucking about in other people's affairs..you do realize that voice mail was released to stir up the know nothings of the world such as yourself? You have been played like a violin, though a terribly out of tune one.

Good day.

See how It's being?

So if It calls me names, I guess I could do the adult thing and ignore it. Right? Right. Let's remember who we're talking about here.

Ten minutes later,
It got this response -- quoted here in its entirety, of course:

Wow! You actually wrote me a personal email so that you could extol yourself on all of your virtues. It's a good thing that somebody loves you, else you'd have no one but yourself to sing all your praises to.

How dare I? You arrogant little prick! Bet you've got a little prick, too, since such a rant as yours is indicative -- no pun intended -- of men with little pricks using big, bad, scary words. But I digress . . .

How dare I? It was YOU who started the backbiting, you shamelessly little, little man. YOU told me and another poster to go back to our vagina monologues. What were we supposed to do, just sit by and let you get away with your insulting comments? No wonder you support Bonehead Baldwin. You think you can say what you want and nobody will challenge you or put you in your place. Well, guess what, Darlin'? I'm here and ready for you. Was this the best you've got? Bring it on, you selfish little cowardly bastard! Give me a reason to whip your snarly little prick ass.

Sometimes, Pink can be in an ugly mood.

But, that was an hour ago . . . wonder how this'll turn out.


What if I woke up Mok . . . creepy . . .