Hmmm . . . this could be the start of something quite nice.
Last updated 24.9.2006



Term GPA 4.000


Course Section Title Final Grd Credits CEUs
1 SOSC-105-60 Introduction to Sociology A 3.00
2 SCNC-106-60 Introductions to Science A 3.00
3 HUMN-303-01 Professional Ethnics A 3.00
4 LEGL-103-01 Legal Terminology A 3.00




you've never looked into my eyes, but don't u wanna know
what the dark and the wild and the different know

there are some things in my life I'll never understand
but they become the force that makes me who I am

you've never been to the moon but don't u want to go
under the sea in the volcano

you've never looked into my eyes, but don't u wanna know
what the dark and the wild and the different know

i like that song
makes sense

damn she rocks
i'd forgotten


i wanna come over
lol i love this song
melissa rocks


i've been trying to figure out what's been depressing me over these last six weeks or so. since i've been back. and i think i know what it is. i think it's having to come back to the same shit i left behind. the same fears the same insecurities, the same arguments and the same emptiness that was all here. it was exhilarating, being down there. being taino, having a sister and lots of little golden brown babies running in the sun. i have the means, the motive, and the opportunity to be down there. i felt whole down there.

i feel a hole up here. not a gaping, gasping chasm. just a hole. hey, i've got a hole joke for ya. if it takes ten men seven hours to dig a hole five feet wide by three feet deep, how long would it take them to dig half a hole?

it wouldn't take them any time. you can't dig half a hole. lol
in some ways, being with him was like being with you -- as if somehow being with you could be replicated half a world away. like the day he walked me to the bank, or the day he walked in while i was standing there, in front of the tv, half naked and blushing purple. his unexpected presence did not scare me. it excited me. sort of like you did, when you walked up those stairs in your kilt and nothing more. like everytime i saw you after that. like everytime i saw him after that. i think it's good that we didn't speak the same language. still, when he calls, i smile at the thought of talking to him in my broken spanglish, and he to me, in his broken espingles. my friends don't seem to believe that everything that happened there, and since -- which wasn't much, really -- was an accident. like the fact that he called the other day. they don't believe that him giving me his number was an accident. nor that me giving him mine was.

i should call him tomorrow, just to say hi.

deseo tocar su estrella otra vey.