our lady of coppernum

she's a beauty too


ElectranaMa said...

been waiting for her...and let me get this...your friend made this when she was only 12 years old...??
looking, lookin lookin...

luv that u have a dig cam...it's a click'n show 'n tell-a-rama...thanx


RX said...

yep, mi amor was 12 when s/he did ms coppernum there. skeery, ain't it.

oh, the dig cam--if yer lookin for a cheapie, like the one that took these, it's a vivicam 35. they're round 10 bucks at wallyworld, tarjhay . . .

vunkpsq . . . vun keepsake . . . who's the ghost in the machine taday, zhazhafreakingabor???


electranama said...

The ghost in the machine is DMJ...noodle's cum full circle...truly a waste of 10101010101010101010's...gonna confer with the clergy b/4 rev'n it up...sister E


lp go hexed?

RX said...

zat shithayud still lurkin round our parts? dang it, i thought revbait got rid of it

thankee sis

stspresrvus and bless sister E and all da lil pygmy chillin livin in da tundra aymayun

ok, rock jesus christ
now that there's funny, even He thinks so