i've got a kid

what a shock, right?

well anyway, he's not such a kid anymore--he's 20 years old. that's a fuckin trip all by itself. but, he's livin life on his own terms for the first time in his life. it's such a beautiful thing to watch. i get such a kick outta sittin back and watchin my boy navigate. i think he's gonna be a nomad. a fuckin rich nomad, but a nomad all the same. he may settle down, but i don't think so. he's so ready to fly . . . haha i've gotta laugh because when he takes flight, there won't be no stoppin him.

he's grown very close to my mother, which is also a thing of beauty to watch. she's happy when he comes home from college; he's taken to staying with her during his breaks and that is really, really sweet. he's a sweet kid, and his ma's proud.

i have to be in church in six hours. thank God it ain't four. or three.

stspreservus and bless all the little pygmy children livin in the tundra. amen.


ElectranaMa said...

from what I ma'am to understand...YOU are to be credited...
Sing, sing sing in church...

and stspreservus and bless all the little pygmy children livin in the tundra

RX said...

oh HELL yea, i take 98% credit that my boy is sufficiently cynical, smartassedly intelligent, and just a purely funny little fuck to be round. this kid is LEAGUES ahead of where i was at his age--taught'm everythin he nos (but not everythin that i no)

one day, he'll subvert the whole damn planet . . . and i hayulpt


RX said...

thanx for stoppin in, e
always a joy

ps i shang in church . . . then i told my choir director about my new lil baby . . . she said, "what is WRONG with you people?!"

heheh nuttun



must be my lucky day

bodine said...

aaawwww...a church baby.

RX said...

ain't i jest th'cutest . . .

* *