i got two pieces of good news in the last 24

first, i'm definitely going to dominica this summer, which is way too awesome. it's only for a week and i don't even need a passport, but just the opportunity to go . . .

it's a mission trip, which i've always cast a rather wary eye on . . .

missionaries, that's what they called themselves when they came here, stole our land, and decimated our tribes before they went back cross the water and manipulated our tribesmen to sell them our people as chattel. god, i hate the whiteman. y'know them ones we shoulda kilt soon's they stepped foot off their boats uninvited. damn niggers, every one of'em, and the only thing missionary about'em was the way they fucked--and i'd hardly consider what they do as fuckin. hell, way they do it, it ain't no wonder they call it a 'sin'. but i digress . . .

i just hope this doesn't turn out to be one of those kinda mission trips. but we'll see . . . we'll see.

i dunno most of the people on this trip--just two, maybe three. that should be interesting, too.

secondly, i may have a parttime job at the seminary i'll be going to in a few years. that, too, would be rather sweet. 15 for 20, very nice. i'm hoping to snag most of the de stuff.

ah, and my lover is taking me to powwow next week. how sweetly wonderful he is. he's workin on some new artwork for the house. he tells me his ideas, but he knows he's speakin greek, just like i do when i'm talkin about hair products and skin moisturizers to him. we just sorta politely listen and nod and say uh-huh. i like that unspoken arrangement. aims is goin, too--to powwow, i mean-- and her wife also. her wife's really pissed at me, and rightfully so but i don't give a shit. it ain't on me. but she also recognizes that this is powwow, so what the fuck if she's there.

this must be my year for travelin. there's dominica and the two mini-vacs mylove and i are taking, then there's mine and aims' road trip, and then there's conference too (which may or may not include one of the mvs). in fact, i'm wanting a new digital and i'll take the laptop so i can hook up on the road. damn, do they have wifi in dominica? gotta check.

i must be a grownup now, cuz i'm actually gonna get a passport. scary prospect . . . entrusting the FATASS with all my innanashunal travul plansnall. but what the fuck, i wanna see the world, so there ya go

well, i have missed sleeping next to my beloved these past few nights, so since i'm sleened enough it's lites out

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