i was thinkin in my mind tonight about that time you showed up at pride for me -- my first pride, actually. i was wishin that i'd run across that road and hugged you and told you that i loved you for comin there cuz i knew you were there for me. i dunno if you had other reasons. i just know that i believed that i was one of'em. it might not've changed anything but at least you'da known how nice that felt.

sometimes i wish that you and yourn could come up and hang out with me and mine and sit on the mall and mback porch and talk shit about the shit in the summertime moonlight. anyplace with a prick at one end and a buncha pussies at the other deserves such an honor, as i discovered with my best friend a coupla months ago. hell, we got the space. y'all c'mon. just call first. that way i can pick up some cherries and whatever 'lectrana and the boy like.

anyway, no wonder u wuz in my head tonite. glad i got upta see what it wuz.

peace, my brutha


you're in my head tonight

hope you're ok



This is sad news . . . BUT now I REALLY want to be a fly on the wall when St Pete opens those gates and Falwell comes face to face with Yolanda Denise King!

Can we say, "Ouch! Ouch!"

DAMN!!! An ass in the hole really IS worth two snorts o'rush!

My heart is truly sad

Yolanda Denise King has died.

Wonder if she was *family*.

God, I had to pray for his family too.
Sometimes it really SUCKS being a Christian.

cue taps


Television evangelist Falwell dies at 73

Too early to hope that God shows up as a big, black drag queen when St Pete opens the gates?

stspreservusandblessallthelilpygmychirrenlivininthetundra ayhallelujahmayun


noshitsherlock, or sage and smoke parts i, ii, & iii

my best friend builds spaceships out of incense sticks.

she has this incense burner . . . this tiny, pinkie-tall base-and-cover doohickey. so she puts the stuff in, sets it aflame, and the cover has these holes all around it. so she lights about three, four sticks and sticks them in, end-first, into the little eyelet holes, and i swear . . . well, i can't swear 'cause it's against my religion, but noshitsherlock, she picks it up and the star trek music -- the old one, of course -- and i start singin this cheesy rendition of the cheesy first-star-trek music, an alla sudden we're talkin' about men in black and weird shit-o-meter shit.

it's the funniest damn thing.

but it really does look like a spaceship. noshitsherlock.