Binary date 1.11

Rev Bob is dead
Long live Rev Bob

Hail Eris

All Hail Bob

Pass the Pipe

Long live Rev Bob

Another great Ide.a from one of my favorite luvs over at: http://www.ide-a.net/current/index.html#today:

"The e-mail [to Ide.a from his buddy] read: 'I got this from Geof Huth. Your assignment, if you want to bother with it (as I did for my entry today), is to list five little-known facts about yourself at your blog, and pass the assignment on to five other (poetry) bloggers. Apologies if this is spammish. Blame Geof. all best, Bob'".

Just because it's spam, that don't make it bad.

1. I love cold Taco Bell crunchy tacos.

2. I am PSY.CHO.TIC during my period and the drugs don't help.

3. My secret identity is Warrior Monk, defender of truth, justice, and the asskicker way. I mean, "asskicker" in a Christian sense, of course.

4. My secret hero is Pope John Paul II.

5. I recently found out that my mother's oldest son -- the bastard who abused me -- was, just a few years ago, convicted of sexually molesting a kid who was nine years old at the time, and I'm still deciding how much his life is worth. I dunno. Jury's still out.

Oh by the way, Mr. Garrison was right -- they WERE all on their periods!

1. Women who live and/or hang out together regularly tend to have synched periods.

2. BECAUSE IT'S EVIL!!! sounded like a perfectly logical argument for me this past week!

Go Garrison!!!