mama's new little baby

a gift from my beloved--early birthday present
purdy, ain't she


Ruach X said...

i'm in luv

i'd fuck'er if i could
but she gits kinda wild

i just did one

ElectranaMa said...

OH, my...
makes my somethin' hurt just peering upon her grandness...
this one's a keeper...and not to be confused with the kitchen utensils...that's for sure furshearforsurerer and

stspreservmeandblessmeandallthelittlefleeingbastards that birtday present chases...E

RX said...

i started trainin with her soon's i got'er home. i figger three, four x/wk with my lil sweet thang there and taichi the rest of the week, i'll be in prime asskickin form in notimet'all.

lil baby won't be chasin no fleeinbastards. when i use her, i'll be lookin her prey dead in the eye, u cn betta yer sweet ass on that thare.

course, i'll take Communion first. we must have our priorities.

gtpgy . . . heared from gyp lately?