yanno, it's a good thing i don't do grudgefucks*


see, there's this situation . . .

this girl, haven't known her long, but she's with this friend of mine, right? well newbie chick is really startin to piss me off--just a little snippy thing, damn barbie doll i could break in two before i even laid a hand on'er. she's attempting to assert her little ass into far too much of my territory, and that just ain't good. if u know anything about leos with scorps rising, yanno that territorial doesn't even begin to explain it. i'm trying to be patient with her, but rx don't mean doctor--it means cure. and nothin says cure like a good olfashioned grudgefuck. cuz then, there's my friend that barbiebitch is with. now, her . . . k, for the truly reals, i could seriously enjoy a good fuckbuddy session with her, no strings attached. would she? u betta yer sweet ass she would, and would give her left tit just to see me nekkid. this i know for sure . . . but i won't. i'm (working on) being good. i'm a christian, after all

however, barbie doesn't know a few things. like me, for example. she doesn't know that if she doesn't quit fuckin with me, i'm gonna start fuckin back. and she doesn't know that she really doesn't want me in her face. and what she really doesn't know is that one of my favorite ways to kill somebody is to grudgefuck their lover and then drop'em both without a second thought. she's under the delusion that won't means can't--and it don't. it just means won't, and won't can become will, have, and can-again at any moment. she just doesn't know me . . . but maybe it's time she got a glimpse. ya think?

i hate it when people misjudge me. i try to be so nice, specially at church. but when they fuck with you and they go to your church, what's your recourse?

yanno, people don't seem to realize--although i do try to warn'em, specially when they piss me off--that i've been a punk a helluva lot longer than i've been a christian, and some shit just never changes. the distinct pleasure i take in a good grudgefuck is one of those things that don't ever--and won't ever--change. grudgefuckin is my second-most favorite kinda fuckin--always has been, always will be. and the more pissed off i am, the more i get off on it

the last girl i grudgefucked . . . she'd never ejaculated before. she was my favorite.

me: u want we should teach little barbie a lesson
me2: now now we all christians. we all supposed to forgive
me: so if i forgive her, then can we . . .
me2: nonono, yer missin the whole concept. forgiveness means ya don't get even
me: oh
me2: yea, sux don't it
me: but what if . . .
me2: don't start with them hypotheticals. they're pathetic and beneath us
me: fuck
me2: no, grudgefuck. let's think about it some more

i miss grudgefuckin
wonder if i still got that tape i had
it should be on there

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grudgefuck cures everything said...

i'm kinda pissed at my lover rite now

mebbe i should go get a good grudgefuck in before the nite's over