my lover made this graven image, back when s/he was twelve
it's made out of liquid copper and black, this copper lady with her copperypointed nipple saluting her audience
i wanted her in the bedroom
we settled on the dining room instead
it's a good choice cause people'll see it in there, soon's they walk in
whereas in our bedroom, she won't get nearly as much attention
she's not a whore though
she's copper
all copper and black

funny to think that my lover made this a long time before i was even in my daddy's slowdripdownthepantleg
i think, how can that be--s/he knowing at twelve what i . . . well, that's a lie (only if i expect me to believe it)
i knew
i just didn't tell nobody
not even me
still, though

so i'm deciding what wall i want the copper lady on
i know
i'll have her where she can be reflected in the giant mirror
then we can see her as if she has two pointycoppernipples saluting her troops
i think i'd like that
side views are good but full frontal is by far the best
even in simulation stimulation

i wonder if i can scan my copper lady


ElectranaMa said...

Drape her gently with a dark cloth so no light gets in...and try...i'd love to see her...

Ruach X said...

ooh . . . niiiiiiiiiice
i'll have to try that

and, i'm gonna, sometime this week


Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

man this is wild
anyway come over

Ruach X said...

i stopped by

thanx for the invite