naked on the bathroom wall
who's the fairest of them all

well, i'm not fair, so it can't be me
and one and one and one is three

and five and five are now eleven
if there is no hell, can there be heaven

well, heaven must be missin you
cheesy nineteen seventies tune

bet i say that to all the girls
they say my stuff just rocks their worlds

no they don't, you just jivin man
least i'm doin the best i can

it's only a lie if i expect you to believe it
it's only a gift if you agree to receive it

i don't know, but i think i'm not
i used to be but i forgot

crammin crammin procrastinator
masterful self-masturbator
never self-incriminator
i wish i was exterminator
or maybe just nexterminator


unmarked helicopters said...

one time at sundown i went back to the rocks to find that thing i dropped so long ago

rx said...

eye see you and your kind in my sky everyday at sundown
funny that