interestingly, i've been thinking quite a bit about the differences--and similarities--between my lover present and the last bio-born man i let touch me. well, 'let' isn't quite right. 'loved to have', 'wanted to all the time' . . . those are a bit more accurate. but i digress . . .

it's not so different, really. sex is sex is sex unless it's lovesex, which is the main similarity between these two relationships. some of the mechanics are different--praise the LORD in HEAVEN for THAT! vive la difference--not because one is better than the other, but more because variety is the spice of life, and nowhere has this been more apparent than is so in my own sex life. but i've discovered that who i'm attracted to is as fluid as the number of times i cum during a given sexcapade. if it's right, it's right. to be clear, i have no desire to go out and fuck half the world's population just to see if i like biogirls, bioboys, transboys, or transgirls best.

ok, really, that last one an be scratched. of all the mtfs i've known, only one has captured my curiosity, and at that, it was short-lived. when i see her now, it's nice to see her, but . . . well, not.

it'd be hard, too, to even try to rank the good lovers in order of preference because really, there's no such thing as bad sex. sex is just sex is just sex. it's just what you use it for that makes it beneficial or not so much. besides that, i've only had one really good bioboy lover, compared with maybe two or three biogirls who excelled, and my current transboy lover, who can't really be compared since of all of those, only his love has stuck around close enough for me to touch it when i wanna. damn i love that buzzcut. have i said that fifty times enough already? lol fuck you. so there.

anyway, i've got a writing gig and schoolwork to work on.

peace out

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