funny shit sometimes just happens

mama's lil baby just tried to attack my towel

no shit, i'm not makin this up

i'd been cleanin and doin laundry, so i took another bath cuz nothin's worse than stinkin all to high heaven when your lover is on the way home. so i hop in the shower and . . . i hate to towel de-wet my face and try to dry this wild mane--which i'm really lovin cuz my stylist is doin some great shit with it--and so i grab my towel from this chair here. well, apparently my lil knifeypoo thought my towel was a great danger to me cuz somehow she got her left main blade underneath the corner of the towel and wasn't about to let go til i detangled them. i didn't leave them like that. but well, least i know she likes me.

speakin of blades, the stab wound is just about all healed up, though the top layer of skin refuses to reconnect across the point of entry. still a little tender when i bang it on shit, so i've gotta stop doin that, but otherwise, good as new.

ah well . . . another day, another dinner


Frogspond said...

At least you know that MLB will defend you to the end... :-)

Anonymous said...

safe from the towlie monsters under the bed . . . oh no, another towlie!!!! save me save me!!!!!