enough of that

i want another child. not ready to have it yet, but i think i definitely do. after law school, i think. there's a glitch. lover and i are deadlocked on the issue of seedling. we have not spoken of it for several weeks, maybe even over a month or two, and we never fight about it. but for some reason it is in my conscious space at this hour of the evening. the debate goes something like this:

for so long and for twice too many times, i have not always enjoyed the priviledge of being able to control what enters my body. that has changed. so much so that lover and i have almost settled on adoption. for my part in it, there is only one, if any at all. no argument. non-negotiable. my lover sees me as irrationally stubborn and absolutely bull-headed on this matter. i'm good with that.

i don't believe in shoulds.

everybody should have a line in the sand.

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uvschrmj said...

just don't let it become the quick kind

just cause it says quick don't make it necessarily so