i hate being sick. i've been sick since i got off the plane at reagan. as if being back in this area alone is what did it. really, everyone else . . . a cold here, a day of distress there, everyone else is doing great. me, i've been yucky sick. not sick as in stay-away-this-is-contagious. sick as in nothin-solider-than-jello. and my lover has been doing such an admirable job taking care of me. in the midst of all this, he has not forgotten that tuesday is my birthday and is at this minute trying to secure a hardcover set of shakespearean writings. he's trying so hard. he says all that he wishes he could do, but it really is the thought that counts. know how many lovers have ever tried to give me shakespeare? zip, zilch, zero. that's not a value judgement. that's just the way it is. my lover seems to know just how to get to my heart, and silly as shakespeare might sound, that touches me more than i can say.

i told him the other day that i love being faithful to him. can't wait til i can show him just how much.

and he's the best damned jello maker ever. lol

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Frogspond said...

Gotta have a lover who is good a jello. ya never know when that comes in handy...

Happy Birthday!