dominica es muy bueno

y yaison, mi llamo tener su nino.

that's all broken up but what the hell, it's cool.

my kids are GREAT and i taught them a new song in like twenty minutes. i'm going to prolly post pics tomorrow. we've got twenty of them, ages six to twelve, and they are just the sweetest little people in the world. they are a joy to teach, even though we are not staying with the topic we were supposed to. lol but what the hell, who's gonna bitch. i do know that come nov or feb, i will be back. with my passport and a few bucks, i can visit often and that's worth squirrlin away some dough for.

and i've met some really sweet people here too. ooh, fp, too bad we're talkin about a road trip. this would be an AWESOME thing to do for a week! lol

need to jet! dominica awaits!


Frogspond said...

Sounds like a blast. Wish I could be there with ya!

Ruach X said...

in spirit, you were . . .