Interlude #3

or #4

i recently had the pleasure of meeting a most interesting young lady. she's a sweet girl, really, and as fierce as one can get and still be all that is good and right in the world. the lascivian in me says 'damned if i were but ten years younger'. who would not? she is intelligent and so independent, but when she gets angry, she is a most beautiful sight. she's like watching the fourth of july unrestrained. captivating.

have you ever met someone who, when you touch them, you are instantly aware of how dirty your hands are? unsure whether you should hug her goodbye or tell her she's beautiful because when you do, you suddenly feel like a dirty old man. one who simply radiates. she is such.

she is an absolute kick to be around because she holds nothing back. you know instantly where you stand with her and you simply must allow her to show you what she wants or needs of you. she will have it no other way. and i'm inclined to respect that. i made certain that my own child met her. if ever, heaven forbid, he is ever in trouble near her world, or she in his (stspreservus), i would wish that they would be one in the other's corner for all posterity. i hope to see more of her when i return from dominca; time with her reminds me of all that is really important besides my own bellybutton lint.

frogspond, and my love and i are making her special tshirts to take back to school with her. our favorite says 'the red tip on this cane is NOT paint. feelin' lucky?'. in lettered script and in braille. she is most delighted at the prospect. we must take pictures of her in that one, at least, before we fare her well. stspreservher

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