one more moment of stupid
that's what i sometimes think that i want
but would u want 2 stay there, asks the froggie in the window

well, today, i got to see what one more moment of stupid looks like

it ain't pretty

one more moment of stupid means
blaming others for your mistakes
accusing others of the crimes that you make
not forgiving others because you can't forgive yourself
operating asleep, thinking you're operating with stealth
forgetting what you say, what you want, what you do
and looking in the mirror, but never seeing you
giving much of nothing, asking everything in return
lighting your life on fire, yet never feeling it burn
keeping all your secrets, from everyone but you
never knowing where you're going and never knowing who
walking with a cloudy mind and with a hand forever unsteady
packing up the house and kids and bags, yet never being quite ready
hoarding all the stuff you can and trying to pay the least
wondering why what you think you want seems just beyond your reach
trying to jump, trying to grab, holding on to thin air
thinking you know what matters, yet never deep enough to care
wanting that bigger, better, faster, prettier painted doll
thinking you're backed into a corner while you bang your head against the wall
talking in circles, moving in squares
living your life without being there
never awake, never aware
too frightened to run
from that which just stares
and when it all tumbles down
you look all around
and gaze in wide wonder
why you can't hear a sound

one more moment of stupid

i think i'll pass


Frogspond said...

Fucking wow.

Just, wow.

Ruach X said...

u shoulda seen the older stuff :-) thanks fer readin

Frogspond said...

From Froggie's wife via Phone since her PC is dead and Froggie hasn't built her new one yet.

"Wow. This should be published wider. It would mean a lot to people. It means a lot to me."

Ruach X said...

aw shucks, ma'am . . . don't go gettin all mushy on me ;-)