Amazing Morning

I just had the most amazing hour. One of my coworkers' great
grandchildren was just in the office. Ok get this . . .

Kyrie eleison means God have mercy -- Kyrie, meaning God

This kid's name is Kyree

Kyree has Down's Syndrome. But he is just the most amazing, curious,
intelligent two-year-old you'd ever want to meet. He's learning to talk
through a trache, and he's just into EVERYTHING. LOL He wanted to see
my cell phone -- then he took off with it and I had to pick him up and
carry him back into the office to get it back. LOL

I've never seen a kid with DS who is as active and curious as Kyree.
I mean, really, if you watch him from behind, you'd never know he was
any different from any other two-year-old. Only a few of his facial
features give it away. And he's just as mischevious and cute -- and he
knows he's cute LOL.

Ya know, all the crap just melts away . . .

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Frogspond said...

I would love to meet this kid! :-)