wind wisps softly
circular motions, circumventing time
without reason, without rhyme
do you feel it, my lover

i felt you awaken, just now
she came into my room
above me, settling softly
just below my feet
and she whispered
like your breath, your body moves
as you drift into sleep
she watches you
she watches me
until the time
when we two shall meet
always churning

at once, the speed of sound
bursts forth
revealing her eye
in the midst of our storm
nothing lost, nothing broken
only tossed, words verboten
moaning shrieks and gutteral wails
is that you, my love
within the veil

it is she
making way for the
new life
of our ancient love
i must have loved you before
chants the songstress
of your love and mine
how could she, but know,
to sing of love, a song divine
that has crawled through the deserts
and crossed oceans of time
always churning

circular, like the hips
of two lovers moving as one
our song, our today
my love, she's barely begun
like you, i wonder deep within me
wherefore art this churning
that sent your love to me
wherefore art this churning
that sets our hearts free

churning, my lover
she is churning

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