Tie my wrists above my head
Bind my ankles to our bed
Make me so hot, make me wet
Give me somethin I'll not forget
Fuck me til the brink of dawn
Lover, please me, drive me on
Make me sing, cry out your name
Ride with me upon our waves
Make me feel you deep within
There is no ending, begin again
Rock me, Lover, til I am spent
O Love, your love is heaven-sent
In the night, I cum for you
I just can't stop til night is through
In the morn, unbind me, free
I give you all I am in me
I give you all I am in me
My Lover, my Love, my Ecstasy . . .


Frogspond said...


*fanning self* Whew!

So, where is my wife when I need her?? Half way across the country...
*leaves to take cold shower*

Ruach X said...

The sex is FUCKIN AWESOME, Froggie!


Frogspond said...

PurpleFeminist (via Froggie) says

"This is better than any lesbian erotica I have ever read. This is beautiful and hot at the same time!"

FiyaX2 said...

Cautiously moves about… out from under the bed… That’s where she keeps me, yanno… as I unbind, she reties. I shake my head and I find myself, for the FIRST time… completely me. Within her presence, and without... I am me.