fore i go to sleep

i'm not gonna call you on the fact that you broke our agreement to give each other the heads up when we were bringing "evidence" to a session. if you wanna sneak shit in, that's your right and i really don't give enough of a damn to worry much about it. anymore. bring your shit, either out in the open or buried in you back pocket. whatever blows yer hair back.

i'm not gonna bust you for fuckin with my head over a fuckin stupid carkey either. next time we're in session, you'll be gettin it back. i, for one, believe in fair warning. fact is, i don't care to carry the extra carkey, but if i can't find it, i don't wanna risk gettin my ass reamed for not havin it on me just before my february trip down to dominica. hell, i'm over the car altogether. far's i'm concerned, at least metro doesn't fuck with my head or plan to ream my ass out if i don't have my copy of the bus schedule in case the doofus bus driver forgets his route. sorry, mate -- a key just ain't worth all the bullshit you attached to it. not for me, it ain't.

in fact, i'm not gonna bust you for nothin because what's the fun in that anyway. i'm not gonna try to sound like minniemouse and lull you into a false sense of everything's-okayness from now until our next session because that'd be lyin and i have to do what's right regardless of what others might do. everything's not okay. but i don't really give a fuck about talking to you to make it right. you fucked with my head, you broke our agreement, and in breaking our agreement you actively planned to ambush me at our last session. you did good. i hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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