Bob on a T, and not the crossin kind

So yesterday, I saw Bob on a Christmas tee-shirt in the  mall. Now, what was I doin' in a mall, you say? Well, nothin' spritely, just me and my lover-dee-do walkin' around and enjoyin the silence of nobody knowin our names. Sweet times . . .

Oh, didjall know that me and my first Honey was back in the saddle again? Prolly not, cuz see seein RBD on a tee and havin just said about my blog to my lover-dee-dee a coupla days ago made me member that I ain't been here in a bit. So we are, and it's awesome, to say the least . . . almost a year y'see, and she gave up everythin just to come home to me. Sweet times . . . yea . . . sweet times

Soz anyhoot, we were walkin thru the mall and I see Bob on a Christmas tee, and I near busted my britches I's laughin s'hard. "BOB ON A CHRISTMAS TSHIRT!" sez I. And as I come round the kiosk, the boy inside is near bustin his britches, too, cuz he knowed he got CAUGHT! BUSTID by a BOB-KNOWER! We wuz both laffin and laffin and nobody knowed what we was laffin about, ya see, so when we looked round at all the peoples lookin round at us, we just laffed even harder still. 

And as I walked away, nearly outta sight, I told him I'd wish him a Merry Christmas, but then he'd just put Bob on it anyway. But that's alright, sez I, Merry Christmas anyway, and have a good night!

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