Top Ten . . .

Reasons Why I Like Hangin Out With God

1. God talks back. Sometimes.

2. God's got the single parenting thing down to a science.

3. Hangin out with God means that I don't have to be the center of the universe.

4. It doesn't hurt my feelings when God laughs at me.

5. I don't have to vie for God's attention.

6. God never breaks a Commandment.

7. God doesn't hate or kill. God lets US decide - and live with the consequences of - what we hate and what we use to kill ourselves. And each other.

8. God doesn't care what I wear to class or what my hair looks like or whether I have brown, pink, golden, or brick-colored skin.

9. God loves what God makes. No exceptions.

10. God never needs God-Time.

WAITWAITWAIT . . . There's more . . .

11. God gets slack.

12. God is not Bob. God is not dead. God is God.

13. God is the only Thing that justs . . . everything.

14. God makes me smile, probably about as often as I make God laugh.

15. If I put on an alb and I'm talking out loud while walking alone down the street, nobody will even suspect the insanity that lurks within. That's cool as shit!

16. Playing in the Presence of God is a helluva lot more fun than crying in the absence of man.

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Frogspond said...

This is cool!

I have learned not to have hurt feelings when God laughs at me. It was actually fun the first time God showed me what I looked like, in that moment when God was laughing.

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