so like this friend of mine . . . sweet girl . . . gits shot in her house . . . shot dead . . . then they set her place afire . . . she's home alone . . . and i'm fuckin insane with insanity . . . hard sayin God bless everyone no exceptions . . .

what if you wanna make an exception


if he was alive, he woulda drove a chevette . . . dya think he woulda pimped out his ass like ppl pimp out chevette's . . . would he've gave it some zebra stripes and a boostin ass sound system with humongous woofers and little tiny tweeters and a kickin ass . . . well would his ass've kicked ass, ya think? shit . . . J in a chevette . . . or maybe a chevelle, yanno? like black interior with a yellow and white paintjob with red stripes and a rainbow I-Love-You sticker?

just wonderin, yanno, cuz it ain't right . . . shit just ain't cool.

annyway, i need a bath. i'm all sweaty and sticky and all that, but i just kinda needed to vent, inbetween squidbillies n razzapple buzz and shit . . . just needed to trip before i get wet . . . well, hell . . . gettin wet's nice anyway




fiyaX2 said...

Gettin wet.... its always nice! So many ways to get there yanno? D'pends on circumstance I spose... but wet is nice! Wishin I had some o that razzapp buzz, to share with you and to commiserate! I am SO sorry bout yer friend, and I will partake in the RAB with you, when I see you... we shall raise our glasses don't ya know... hoping it will be for the 40th coming up!

Bloody Hell I love you

Ruach X said...

my lover . . . it will be razzapps all the way round, and i so love the way you love me thru this. hell, thru everythin. can't wait for wet . . . wit u . . . mmmmmmmfiya

luvin you ever
n pottedmeat

Frogspond said...

Froggy is grooving on the thought of J in a Chevette. Liken the stipes too.

Whole world is fuckedup right now. Some parts are fuckedup in a good way. Some parts are fuckedup in a shitty way.