so here i am, nearin 40, here for bout . . . mmmmm 4 months, give or take. and i'm the BPhOC. 's'right folks, i BPhOCed . . . daily, almost. and what a freakin sideshow it is! BPhOCin AY!

so here's the first installment . . . rough draft, very much preliminary . . .


Eternal Chasm of Strength, I do not breathe but that I yield me to Divinity. Show me now, be seen, breathe a command, create a moment, signify and send forth Your Breath - She Your Servant, Your Command. My life, my joanna, abides . . .

This Book seems to start off beautifully, does it not?

This one verse yielded 29 pages of just one set of Greek-to-English dictionary definitions. These are definitions from one book! No wonder my friggin books cost $500 per semester! dayum!!!

but hey, it's a worthfrigginwhile investment! my ass has sorely been whipped this term, and yanna . . . i'm lovineveryminitofit.

time to get started on somethin else new . . .
hasta, peeps!


FiyaX2 said...

Bout damn time Rx.... sheesh, was beginning to think you'd lost yer edge.... hee!
N by the by... SO glad that yer lovineveryminitofit!!!!!
It all seems to fit!!!!


Ruach X said...

my Fiya . . . SMOOCH!

YOU fit . . .

luvin you ever,