noshitsherlock, or sage and smoke parts i, ii, & iii

my best friend builds spaceships out of incense sticks.

she has this incense burner . . . this tiny, pinkie-tall base-and-cover doohickey. so she puts the stuff in, sets it aflame, and the cover has these holes all around it. so she lights about three, four sticks and sticks them in, end-first, into the little eyelet holes, and i swear . . . well, i can't swear 'cause it's against my religion, but noshitsherlock, she picks it up and the star trek music -- the old one, of course -- and i start singin this cheesy rendition of the cheesy first-star-trek music, an alla sudden we're talkin' about men in black and weird shit-o-meter shit.

it's the funniest damn thing.

but it really does look like a spaceship. noshitsherlock.


Frogspond said...

Glow in the dark and all...

After I come back from hybernation, and recover from all the mindblowynessshit that has happened since like late last year (really longer but well) that I haven't processed yet (but should have) that contributed to me being a total bitch this past weekend (no excuse just explanation) that ended up being the final straw for me to finally get myself to go and get going on the mentalcleaningthing (boutfriggentime)...

then, perhaps, another spaceship will fly.

Yeah, it does take this long for me to figure stuff out sometimes.

Ruach X said...

um . . . okay

not sure what this means or what you're tryin to say

but . . .