so, like i'm watchin mary poppins for probably the fiftyfirst time and she's a carpet bagger.

i love this movie. it's like my favorite of all time. heh. imagine that.

i'm still workin on my essays, though not this minute cuz . . . well, i'm here. toughest essays for me are having to explain in detail why it occurs to me to do something. so, i've just decided to be completely honest -- or, at least as honest as i can be and not be only the nineteenth person [penguin break]
fuckin a

dick van dyke

fuckin hammer musta watched this movie too.

see, two fellers ain't gotta be gay t'dayunce t'gether. no shit

oh yea, . . .to get rejected by seminary. i've probably been on cloud fifteenhundredfiftytwo last coupla days. sometimes i wonder whether i'm the only one who gets giddy at the thought of their pastor okaying their going forward with seminary, but it fuckin rocks.

i mean, i think about celebratin my first Communion and my relationship with my mentor, the day i joined -- at both here and home -- and this and the not-cynical part of me is totally amazed that it seems like yea, God wants me. me. who the fuck am i, that God Almighty should want me to do stuff? i'm pretty sure this is one of them moses moments -- one of those moments when your surely-Lord-not-i is more of a holy-shit than an oh-shit-He's-right. the second kind is that peter kind. i'd like to say i'm done with those, but i know that i'm not. but well, at least i know my archetypes. (thxdb)

had to do this assigment a coupla weeks ago, writing prompts. geekgeek i like'em cuz yea, my favorite subject is actually me. which is why i have a blog. so i don't drive my friends batshit crazy exploring every single solitary bit of
bellybutton lint i come across. shitshitshit supercalifragilisticexpialadocious. i remember, my kid brother was six -- the one who's my stepmom's kid, not my mom's youngest -- he had to learn that word . . . well, song, really . . . and it's stuck in my head everytime i hear it or even just think of it, and it stays stuck for days and days.

my lil poohbear is sleepin on her red'n'black blankie. i've only ever seen one other like it. she's half on [clapclap] half off; she's gonna have a thick, pretty coat. she's already gettin her neckfloof. i can sneeze like a bitch and she doesn't move, but i get up and she's at my side instantly.

sara lee is using the ren and stimpy h2j2 to sell sweet, fat shit to people like me who don't need it. how fucked up is that. they're gonna get us . . . one way or another, they're gonna getchusgetchus . . .

she's gonna put me to sleep

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